led plush.

led plush

one of the projects… LED plushies, which will be interactive. How? Sensors are tbd still.

This is what the hardware looks like. The wires are soldered directly to the arduino chip, which is shrink wrapped, and hot glued to protect it from elements. I was going to solder and mount direct to the LED strip but decided against it, and make it standalone:

bear leds cpu

bear led strip

This works but I have some power issues, the chip resets even if i disable brownout detection. My max setup is I think 80 pixels. At 10mW/pix I’m at 0.8A/h (1 color at full power), less than 1A/h so the USB power bank should sustain that. I am using 1 or 2 1000uF/6.3V caps, but it might not be enough?

I’m not sure how to decide when it is ok… Empirically I’ve been listening to the buzzing of the power bank. No buzzing is my goal.


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