UV LEDs on a mask.


I bought some surface mount black light leds by accident. I decided to use a couple on this mask.

They are soldered to 32awg copper wires, which was a challenge to do with a regular soldering iron. I lost a couple more leds in the battle.They are powered by a 3V lithium button battery.

Parts list:

  • Two 0603 UV/Purple Super bright SMD SMT LED (get 4 or 6 in case you screw up) – $2.50/50
  • 32AWG varnished copper wire (used to do choke wiring or electromagnets) – $3.50/400ft roll
  • 1 CR2032 3V button cell
  • two tiny blobs of hot glue to encase the soldered LED to protect soldering job
  • two tiny bits of black plastic to put behind the LEDs to block light from the eyes.
  • one scary mask
  • duct tape to hold wires and battery behind the mask.
  • some UV reactive acrylic paint for decoration of parts lit up by the LEDs.

Each LED uses 20 milliAmps, so 40mA, a CR2032 is rated 225mAH, so you get about 6 hours of light.

I suspect this will get destroyed in one evening.

… Well it survived one night of partying.


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