Side glow fiber optics as alternative to EL wire

You can buy super cheap LED shoelace for a few bucks, or make your own LED driver (one CR2032 3V battery and a LED, plus shrink tubing) and use that to dress up your garnments instead of using EL wire.

The shoelace tubing is not that great, but you can find thinner fiber optic tubing, sold as “side glow” fiber optics. Those will light up a bit better, and with a decent LED, look same or brighter than EL wire.

The benefit of a shoe gizmo like above, is that you can remove the electric part, wash the clothing, and put it back. Furthermore, the LED will run more than one night on the CR2032 battery as the EL wire will go through it’s heavier double AA pack.

However you can make your own LED driver, get a CR2032 battery holder, make a connector that can be removed from the LED, and wash the LED + wire + clothing without the battery pack.

To build that, epoxy the LED to the end of the fiber optic wire, and use shrink tubes to do the fitting. scuff the fiber optic wire a bit with sandpaper for the epoxy to take a strong hold.


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