Exercise recovery supplements

That’s unrelated to electronics, but I am looking into it. To max out the benefits are recovery after a workout or outdoors exercises, there’s a few things to do. This is what came out of my discussion with my nutritionist, with whom I have been talking about cholesterol issues and better overall wellness.

  • Stretch and knead the sore muscles just when you’re done to reduce soreness later, and accelerate recovery
  • Within one hour eat recovery supplements
    • a scoop of protein powder. The best quickly absorbed proteines are whey (milk based product), then vegan(rice based etc).  Vegan option may irritate the digestive tract for some people. Avoid soy based proteins (causes hormonal imbalance for male and female alike), or cheap products. Look for grass fed or non-GMO.
    • get BCAA (branch chained amino acids). Sometimes it is provided in the protein powder, but can also be purchased as supplements.
    • Some simple carbs, like 2 cups of orange juice, fruits or coconut water. She was unclear on this but I believe the ratio should be half or a third of protein.

When buying the product taste matters too as it impacts your ingestion habits.

During hikes/snowshoe/skiing, I’ve noticed that fruit strips have been effective at providing me energy without breaking into an energy bar, and is 1/3rd of those in terms of calorie intake, size, etc. Possibly a very good alternative.


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