Windows hidden tricks

I came across this old article and discovered few things:

  • Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport allows a PC to be a wifi access point by installing Connectify.
  • Erase free disk space on C: with “cypher /w:c”
  • Move active window with Window-Arrow keys
  • Pin folders on taskbar folder with righ-click + drag to task bar. Access them with right click on task-bar file-explorer folder
  • Get power efficiency report by searching & launching cmd.exe as admin (right click), then run “powerconfig -energy”, move \windows\system32\energy-report.html and open it.
  • Record steps you take in windows to send to someone, search and run”psr” which creates a mhtml file to share.
  • Verify reliability of apps by searching and launching “view reliability history”. It shows a score graph with the issues listed.
  • Wordpad supports .docx and OpenOffice .odt files.
  • Calculator has units conversion, date calculation, mpg and mortgage.
  • Create a godmod directory anywhere and it will list all the windows configuration options.




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