So many programmable LED types!

As time goes by, I’m discovering more and more types of programmable LEDs!

Do you know of any other kind and their specificity or compatibility? Please comment on those!

  • Non-programmable, analog (not supported by FAB_LED)
    • Standard single color LED, requires a resistor, usually (Vdd – Vdiode) / Idiode, and Vdiode, often 3.4V, Idiode often 20mA (regular) or 30mA (bright), sor for 5V power, 68 Ohm to 86Ohm.
    • RGB with 4 pins, one pin per color plus common ground, which may have different voltage requirements from 2.2V to 3.6V, aka different resistors on each pin.
    • Fast or slow blink RGB LED, wired the same way as above, super convenient for quick color fun. You can’t dim them because it would reset their sequence.
  • One wire (all have compatible clocks, but different color orders)
    • WS2812 / WS2812B
    • WS2811 (often 12V power, with 5V signal)
    • SK6812 (supports up to 4 colors, commonly GRBW)
    • APA104
    • APA106
  • SPI (data+clock pins, easy to control, faster, but more wires)
    • APA102 (first byte has 3 top bits set, plus low 5 bits is global brightness using a different PWM rate superimposed)
    • WS2801 (no first byte)
    • P9813 (first byte has 2-bit checksum of the other color bytes)

Since I will need those for projects, I plan to support WS2801 and P9813 in FAB_LED. That requires me revisiting the SPI support I have, as part of my overhaul of the library.


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