IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard to USB conversion

I’m glad to see that a simple eBay purchase allowed me to revive my old IBM keyboard from 1984. Online the fan sites indicate the need to hack the wire with an expensive ($25 ~ $50) bulky adapter because of the logic levels and the power consumption of these old keyboards.

I’m on a MacBook Pro 8.2 (2011) – one of those I restored, on Lion, and the adapter works like a charm. I’m just missing the command/windows key.

Want yours? On eBay look for “PS/2 Male to USB Female Converter Adapter Adaptor For MOUSE KEYBOARD PS2” $1 !

To be honest the more I look the more I’m impressed with the diversity of stuff coming out of China. Drones, 3D printers, robots, mechanical hands.

FYI I also tried this simpler $0.75 connector below, but it doesn’t work:



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