Find me as Sonyhome on the Arduino forum.

My current interest in Arduinos has been sparked by a friend giving me a Uno and my interest for WS2812B LED strips to make art projects for Burning man.

I have two LED projects for Burning man 2015:

  • Interactive lit-up plushies. They will be autonomous, should run 8hours at least, and react somehow to users playing with them. They will be put in our theme camp’s chill space. This project uses WS2812B (fewest wires), and AtTiny85 chip (smallest controller), and some sensors (TBD, I got a bunch). Cost: Ballpark is $25/plushies, $15 LEDs, and $10 of electronics. The 6ft tall plushie will likely be another $75.
  • Lit up full body costume. You can’t be a “dark wad” at burning man, and wearing a flashing bike light is kinda lame. So I’m making a full costume with white fur, which I hope to light up with a cool LED light show to wow the crowds… Well, it’s impossible to wow folks at burning man. If it’s been done it was already seen there 🙂 It’ll likely be powered by one or more AtTiny65, or a nano, based on IOs needed and simplicity to make the code work. The cost will be a few $100 bucks at least.
  • Light tunnel project. So far I’ve come up with a simple idea to make a light tunnel art piece that would be self powered. I’ve passed the idea on to a friend, who’s likely going to fail at making it for lack of time.



One thought on “About

  1. great job on the FAB_LED library !! thanks !
    exactly what i was looking for since adafruit totaly fills up the flash on the avr atmega8

    PS:i added some :poop: to your github footer 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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